Many indigo children are still children, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t one yourself! If you identify with any of the traits you see listed below, you should strongly consider your role in this world as an indigo child.

You’re under the age of 50.
Indigo children appear during trying times throughout the ages, and the most recent appearance of them began approximately 45-50 years ago. I know, this is a pretty broad trait. Let’s keep going.

You were rebellious as a child.

Yeah,I know that most kids are rebellious, but the important thing to understand is why you were rebellious? Was it that you didn’t get what you wanted? You weren’t provided the things you demanded? Or was it because you saw systemic issues that no one else wanted to address and you simply felt the need to rage against the machine? If it’s the latter, you might be an indigo child.

You always take responsibility for your actions.

It’s a trait that wasn’t ever taught. You were always truthful, honest, and forthright when you messed up or did something you shouldn’t have. Indigo children appear in service to mankind, so a sense of dread befalls them when they do wrong.

You feel a strong connection to the Earth.

Indigo children are most commonly at their happiest when they’re in contact with the Earth. Spending time in the forests, swimming in the sea, or hiking mountains seems to set you completely straight again. Part of the reason indigo children have appeared again is a result of environmental calamity, climate change, and the collapse of the biosphere. Indigo children are here to undo the damage.

You are sensitive and intuitive.

You’ve probably called yourself an empath, sensitive, or even an introvert. You truly feel the emotions of others. You experience the plights of others as if they were your own. This is another prominent feature of the indigo child. As I mentioned already, indigo children are here to set things right. Were it not for heightened empathy, they wouldn’t be able to complete their task.

You may come off as entitled.

This is something many people have trouble coming to grips with. Since you were young, you likely felt special. Like there was an absolute purpose for your existence. Not many others expressed that, did they? That sense of higher self-worth is important, as the task ahead for indigo children is not a pretty one. You feel special because you truly are special.

All you want is peace.

Every time the country revs up for war, you probably hear a lot of reasons for why it should happen. Maybe they have weapons that they shouldn’t. Maybe they hurt an ally. Maybe they attacked us. But you can never quite fully support a war, no matter how justified it seems. Your energy is focused more on building a future, not ending someone else’s.

Does this sound at all familiar to you?