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A Healthy Psychic (Intuitive) Part 7 Quick Meditation

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A Healthy Psychic (Intuitive) Part 6 MauchaKai and God

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A Healthy Psychic (Intuitive) Part 2 Manifesting

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10 Painfully Obvious Truths everyone forgets too soon

10 Painfully Obvious Truths Everyone Forgets Too Soon

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 By: Marc and Angel You know how you can hear something a hundred times in a hundred different ways before it finally gets through to you?  The ten truths listed below fall firmly into that category – life lessons that many of us likely learned years ago, and have been reminded of ever since, but for whatever reason, haven’t fully grasped.

This, my friends, is my attempt at helping all of us, myself included, “get it” and “remember it” once and for all…

1.  The average human life is relatively short.

We know deep down that life is short, and that death will happen to all of us eventually, and yet we are infinitely surprised when it happens to someone we know.  It’s like walking up a flight of stairs with a distracted mind, and misjudging the final step.  You expected there to be one more stair than there is, and so you find yourself off balance for a moment, before your mind shifts back to the present moment and how the world really is.

LIVE your life TODAY!  Don’t ignore death, but don’t be afraid of it either.  Be afraid of a life you never lived because you were too afraid to take action.  Death is not the greatest loss in life.  The greatest loss is what dies inside you while you’re still alive.  Be bold.  Be courageous.  Be scared to death, and then take the next step anyway.

2.  You will only ever live the life you create for yourself. Your life is yours alone.  Others can try to persuade you, but they can’t decide for you.  They can walk with you, but not in your shoes.  So make sure the path you decide to walk aligns with your own intuition and desires, and don’t be scared to switch paths or pave a new one when it makes sense.

Remember, it’s always better to be at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb than the top of the one you don’t.  Be productive and patient.  And realize that patience is not about waiting, but the ability to keep a good attitude while working hard for what you believe in.  This is your life, and it is made up entirely of your choices.  May your actions speak louder than your words.  May your life preach louder than your lips.  May your success be your noise in the end.

And if life only teaches you one thing, let it be that taking a passionate leap is always worth it.  Even if you have no idea where you’re going to land, be brave enough to step up to the edge of the unknown, and listen to your heart.  (Angel and I discuss this in more detail in the “Passion and Growth” chapter of 1,000 Little Things Happy, Successful People Do Differently.)

3.  Being busy does NOT mean being productive.

Busyness isn’t a virtue, nor is it something to respect.  Though we all have seasons of crazy schedules, very few of us have a legitimate need to be busy ALL the time.  We simply don’t know how to live within our means, prioritize properly, and say no when we should.

Being busy rarely equates to productivity these days.  Just take a quick look around.  Busy people outnumber productive people by a wide margin.  Busy people are rushing all over the place, and running late half of the time.  They’re heading to work, conferences, meetings, social engagements, etc.  They barely have enough free time for family get-togethers and they rarely get enough sleep.  Yet, emails are shooting out of their smart phones like machine gun bullets, and their day planners are jammed to the brim with obligations.  Their busy schedule gives them an elevated sense of importance.  But it’s all an illusion.  They’re like hamsters running on a wheel.

Though being busy can make us feel more alive than anything else for a moment, the sensation is not sustainable long term.  We will inevitably, whether tomorrow or on our deathbed, come to wish that we spent less time in the buzz of busyness and more time actually living a purposeful life.

4.  Some kind of failure always occurs before success.

Most mistakes are unavoidable.  Learn to forgive yourself.  It’s not a problem to make them.  It’s only a problem if you never learn from them.

If you’re too afraid of failure, you can’t possibly do what needs to be done to be successful.  The solution to this problem is making friends with failure.  You want to know the difference between a master and a beginner?  The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.  Behind every great piece of art is a thousand failed attempts to make it, but these attempts are simply never shown to us.

Bottom line:  Just because it’s not happening now, doesn’t mean it never will.  Sometimes things have to go very wrong before they can be right.  (Read The Success Principles.)

5.  Thinking and doing are two very different things.

Success never comes to look for you while you wait around thinking about it.

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.  Knowledge is basically useless without action.  Good things don’t come to those who wait; they come to those who work on meaningful goals.  Ask yourself what’s really important and then have the courage to build your life around your answer.

And remember, if you wait until you feel 100% ready to begin, you’ll likely be waiting the rest of your life.

6.  You don’t have to wait for an apology to forgive.

Life gets much easier when you learn to accept all the apologies you never got.  The key is to be thankful for every experience – positive or negative.  It’s taking a step back and saying, “Thank you for the lesson.”  It’s realizing that grudges from the past are a perfect waste of today’s happiness, and that holding one is like letting unwanted company live rent free in your head.

Forgiveness is a promise – one you want to keep.  When you forgive someone you are making a promise not to hold the unchangeable past against your present self.  It has nothing to do with freeing a criminal of his or her crime, and everything to do with freeing yourself of the burden of being an eternal victim.

7.  Some people are simply the wrong match for you.

You will only ever be as great as the people you surround yourself with, so be brave enough to let go of those who keep bringing you down.  You shouldn’t force connections with people who constantly make you feel less than amazing.

If someone makes you feel uncomfortable and insecure every time you’re with them, for whatever reason, they’re probably not close friend material.  If they make you feel like you can’t be yourself, or if they make you “less than” in any way, don’t pursue a connection with them.  If you feel emotionally drained after hanging out with them or get a small hit of anxiety when you are reminded of them, listen to your intuition.  There are so many “right people” for you, who energize you and inspire you to be your best self.  It makes no sense to force it with people who are the wrong match for you.

8.  It’s not other people’s job to love you; it’s yours.

It’s important to be nice to others, but it’s even more important to be nice to yourself.  You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.  So make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you.  Know your worth, even if they don’t.

Today, let someone love you just the way you are – as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as incomplete as you think you are.  Yes, let someone love you despite all of this, and let that someone be YOU.  (Read Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It.)

9.  What you own is not who YOU are.

Stuff really is just stuff, and it has absolutely no bearing on who you are as a person.  Most of us can make do with much less than we think we need.  That’s a valuable reminder, especially in a hugely consumer-driven culture that focuses more on material things than meaningful connections and experiences.

You have to create your own culture.  Don’t watch TV, don’t read every fashion magazine, and don’t consume too much of the evening news.  Find the strength to fill your time with meaningful experiences.  The space and time you are occupying at this very moment is LIFE, and if you’re worrying about Kim Kardashian or Lebron James or some other famous face, then you are disempowered.  You’re giving your life away to marketing and media trickery, which is created by big companies to ultimately motivate you to want to dress a certain way, look a certain way, and be a certain way.  This is tragic, this kind of thinking.  It’s all just Hollywood brainwashing.  What is real is YOU and your friends and your family, your loves, your highs, your hopes, your plans, your fears, etc.

Too often we’re told that we’re not important, we’re just peripheral to what is.  “Get a degree, get a job, get a car, get a house, and keep on getting.”  And it’s sad, because someday you’ll wake up and realize you’ve been tricked.  And all you’ll want then is to reclaim your mind by getting it out of the hands of the brainwashers who want to turn you into a drone that buys everything that isn’t needed to impress everyone that isn’t important.

10.  Everything changes, every second.

Embrace change and realize it happens for a reason.  It won’t always be obvious at first, but in the end it will be worth it.

What you have today may become what you had by tomorrow.  You never know.  Things change, often spontaneously.  People and circumstances come and go.  Life doesn’t stop for anybody.  It moves rapidly and rushes from calm to chaos in a matter of seconds, and happens like this to people every day.  It’s likely happening to someone nearby right now.

Sometimes the shortest split second in time changes the direction of our lives.  A seemingly innocuous decision rattles our whole world like a meteorite striking Earth.  Entire lives have been swiveled and flipped upside down, for better or worse, on the strength of an unpredictable event.  And these events are always happening.

However good or bad a situation is now, it will change.  That’s the one thing you can count on.  So when life is good, enjoy it.  Don’t go looking for something better every second.  Happiness never comes to those who don’t appreciate what they have while they have it.

Your turn…

What else would you add to this list?  What important life lessons do you often forget?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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Prayer for Prosperity From Djwhal Khul



Beloved Presence of God

We hereby ask and humbly pray with all our hearts and souls and minds for
Divine abundance made manifest through personal fortune and success.

We are willing to move beyond fear in order to fulfill God’s plan on Earth and beyond.
• I personally pledge to open myself to financial wealth in order to fulfill my group and individual service commitments.
• In God’s name, we accept our divine heritage right now, and thank Thee for the timely answer to this prayer.
• Amen.
• (Say the above Huna 3 times)

Then say the following once only:

Our beloved subconscious minds, we hereby ask and lovingly command that you take this thought form prayer to God, along with all the manna and vital force needed and necessary to manifest and demonstrate this prayer.

Breathe the prayer to God and wait 10 – 15 seconds.

Lord, let the Rain of Blessings fall!

Feel the energy coming from God back to you. Soak it in.

Om, Om ,Om.
(Sing peacefully with devotion.)

Repeat everyday until you feel that abundance has reached your way.

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Eight Signs You May be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening

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Twelve Signs Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

The Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

1. Body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back. This is the result of intense changes at your DNA level as the “Christ seed” awakens within. More important, your Merkabah, energetic transportal Body, has/is being upgraded and made new. This will be explained and understood more fully as you progress. Suffice to say, ageing, dis-ease, and limitations are freed with-in this New Experiencing Device.

2. Feeling of deep inner sadness for no apparent reason. You are releasing your past (this lifetime and others) and this causes the feeling of sadness. Literally… pieces, parts… “aspects” of YOU are being seen and released/transmuted appropriately. Although, many may not seem difficult to release, others are comfortable personalities that must be reconciled. Say, “good bye,” I love you. You have served me well. I no longer need you.”

3. Crying for no apparent reason. Similar to #2 above. It’s good and healthy to let the tears flow. It helps to release the old energy within. There’s a multitude of emotional energies within you now… try not to focus on the “why” and just feel, allow..

4. Sudden change in job or career. A very common symptom. As you change, things around you will change as well. Don’t worry about finding the “perfect” job or career right now. You’re in transition and you may make several job changes before you settle into one that fits your passion.

5. Withdrawal from family relationships. You are connected to your biological family via old karma. When you get off the karmic cycle, the bonds of the old relationships are released. After a period of time, you may develop a new relationship with them if it is appropriate. However, the relationship will be based in the new energy. This period is often times referred to as “The Fall,” or “The Separation.” Do not worry, as there is no separation that is valid. Only the “feeling,seeming, illusion” of such.

6. Unusual sleep patterns. It’s likely that you’ll awaken many nights between 2:00 and 4:00 AM. There’s a lot of work going on within you, and it often causes you to wake up for a “breather.” Not to worry. If you can’t go back to sleep, get up and do something rather than lay in bed and worry about humanly things. This is also due to the New Body being acclimated to its new environment, which requires no sleep (meditation) and little to no nourishment.

7. Intense dreams. These might include war and battle dreams, chase dreams or monster dreams. You are literally releasing the old energy within. Plus, you are remembering and connecting with past lives, memories, experiences and knowledge. These dreams, if “scarey” in nature, cannot harm you. Although, they may be pleasant in nature, as well. If so, enjoy, and either way, don’t worry or over-analyze.

8. Physical disorientation. At times you’ll feel very ungrounded. You’ll be “spatially challenged” with the feeling like you can’t put two feet on the ground, or that you’re walking between two worlds. As your consciousness transitions into the new energy, you body sometimes lags behind. Spend more time in nature to help ground the new energy within.

9. Increased “self talk.” You’ll find yourself talking to your Self more often. You’ll suddenly realize you’ve been chattering away with yourself for the past 30 minutes. There is a new level of communication taking place within your being, and you’re experiencing the tip of the iceberg with the self talk. The conversations will increase, and they will become more fluid, more coherent and more insightful. You’re not going crazy, you’re just Shaumbra moving into the new energy.

10. Feelings of loneliness, even when in the company of others. You may feel alone and removed from others. You may feel the desire to “flee” groups and crowds. As Shaumbra, you are walking a sacred and lonely path. As much as the feelings of loneliness cause you anxiety, it is difficult to relate to others at this time. And, others may find much difficulty in their relation to you, mostly due to your over-powering energetic force. The void within will be filled with the love and energy of your own Christ consciousness.

11. Loss of passion. You may feel totally dis-impassioned, with little or no desire to do anything. That’s OK, and it’s just part of the process. Take this time to “do no-thing.” Don’t fight yourself on this. It’s similar to rebooting a computer. You need to shut down for a brief period of time in order to load the sophisticated new software, or in this case, the new Christ-seed energy.

12. A deep longing to go Home. This is perhaps the most difficult and challenging of any of the conditions. You may experience a deep and overwhelming desire to leave the planet and return to Home. This is not a “suicidal” feeling. It is not based in anger or frustration. You don’t want to make a big deal of it or cause drama for yourself or other. There is a quiet part of you that wants to go Home. The root cause for this is quite simple……You are ready to begin a new lifetime while still in this physical body.

During this transition process, you have an inner remembrance of what it is like to be on the other side. Are you ready to take on the challenges of moving into the New Energy?

Yes, indeed you could go Home right now. But you’ve come this far, and after many, many lifetimes it would be a shame to leave before the end of the movie.

Besides, Spirit needs you here to help others transition into the new energy. They will need a human guide, just like you, who has taken the journey from the old energy into the new. The path you’re walking right now provides the experiences to enable you to become a Teacher of the New Divine Human.

As lonely and dark as your journey can be at times, remember that you are never alone.

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Prayer For Prosperity

Prayer For Prosperity

Dear God (or the higher power that you call upon) – I surrender my financial affairs and concerns about money to your Divine care and love. I ask that you remove my worries, anxieties and fears about money, and replace them with faith. I know and trust that my debts will be paid and money will flow into my life. I release all negative thoughts about money, and know that prosperity is my birthright. I commit to being grateful for all that I now have in my life. I learn to manage my finances wisely, seeking help where needed. And finally, I ask you to help me to understand my purpose in life and to act on that purpose with courage and strength. I know that prosperity will come, in part, by doing work I love. Please help me use my skills and knowledge to be of service to other’s and the universe.
In gratitude I thank you – Amen

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How Many of These 51 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms do YOU Have?

How Many of These 51 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms do YOU Have?

Changing sleep patterns: restlessness, hot feet, waking up two or three times a night.
Feeling tired after you wake up and sleepy off and on during the day. There is something called the Triad Sleep Pattern that occurs for many: you sleep for about 2-3 hours, wake up, go back to sleep for another couple of hours, wake again, and go back to sleep again. For others, the sleep requirements have changed. You can get by on less sleep. Lately I have been experiencing huge waves of energy running into my body from the crown. It feels good, but it keeps me awake for a long time, then subsides. Advice: Get used to it. Make peace with it and don’t worry about getting enough sleep (which often causes more insomnia). You will be able to make it through the day if you hold thoughts of getting just what you need. You can also request your Higher Power to give you a break now and then and give you a good, deep night’s sleep. If you can’t go back to sleep right away, use the waking moments to meditate, read poetry, write in your journal or look at the moon. Your body will adjust to the new pattern.

Activity at the crown of the head: Tingling, itching, prickly, crawling sensations along the scalp and/or down the spine.
A sense of energy vibrating on top of the head, as if energy is erupting from the head in a shower. Also the sensation of energy pouring in through the crown, described as “sprinkles”. This may also be experienced as pressure on the crown, as if someone is pushing his/her finger into the center of your head. As I mentioned in #1, I have been experiencing huge downloads of energy through the crown. In the past, I have felt more generalized pressure, as if my head is in a gentle vise. One man related that his hair stood on end and his body was covered with goosebumps. Advice: This is nothing to be alarmed about. What you are experiencing is an opening of the crown chakra. The sensations mean that you are opening up to receive divine energy.

Sudden waves of emotion.
Crying at the drop of a hat. Feeling suddenly angry or sad with little provocation. Or inexplicably depressed. Then very happy. Emotional roller coaster. There is often a pressure or sense of emotions congested in the heart chakra (the middle of the chest). This is not to be confused with the heart, which is located to the left of the heart chakra. Advice: Accept your feelings as they come up and let them go. Go directly to your heart chakra and feel the emotion. Expand it outward to your all your fields and breathe deeply from the belly all the way up to your upper chest. Just feel the feeling and let it evaporate on its own. Don’t direct the emotions at anyone. You are cleaning out your past. If you want some help with this, say out loud that you intend to release all these old issues and ask your Higher Power to help you. You can also ask Grace Elohim to help you release with ease and gentleness. Be grateful that your body is releasing these emotions and not holding onto them inside where they can do harm. One source suggests that depression is linked to letting go of relationships to people, work, etc. that no longer match us and our frequencies. When we feel guilty about letting go of these relationships, depression helps us medicate that pain.

Old “stuff” seems to be coming up, as described above, and the people with whom you need to work it out (or their clones) appear in your life.
Completion issues. Or perhaps you need to work through issues of self-worth, abundance, creativity, addictions, etc. The resources or people you need to help you move through these issues start to appear. Advice: Same as #3. Additionally, don’t get too involved in analyzing these issues. Examining them too much will simply cycle you back through them over and over again at deeper and deeper levels. Get professional help if you need to and walk through it. Do not try to avoid them or disassociate yourself from them. Embrace whatever comes up and thank it for helping you move ahead. Thank your Higher Power for giving you the opportunity to release these issues. Remember, you don’t want these issues to stay stuck in your body.

Changes in weight.
The weight gain in the US population is phenomenal. Other people may be losing weight. We often gain weight because many fears we have suppressed are now coming up to the surface to be healed. We react by building up a defense. We also attempt to ground ourselves or provide bulk against increasing frequencies in our bodies. Advice: Don’t freak out, but just accept it as a symptom of where you are right now. You will release/gain the weight when all your fears have been integrated. Release your anxiety about this. Then you might find it easier to lose/gain the weight eventually. Exercise. Before eating, try this: Sit at the table with an attractive place setting. Light a candle. Enjoy how the food looks. Place your dominant hand over your heart and bless the food. Tell your body that you are going to use the food to richly nourish it, but that you are not going to use the food to fulfill your emotional hungers. Then pass your hand from left to right over the food and bless it. You may notice that the food feels warm to your hand even if the food is cold– I like to think that the food is good for me when it feels warm and nourishing to my hand. I have also noticed that when I practice blessing the food, I don’t eat as much. It is important not to let yourself off the hook when you forget to bless the food before you eat. If I’ve forgotten and I’ve nearly finished eating, I bless the food anyway. That way I don’t slip out of the habit. Another thing you can do is to stay present while eating — don’t watch TV or read. Heartily enjoy what blessings are before you.Changes in eating habits: Strange cravings and odd food choices.
Some find they are not as hungry as they used to be. Or hungrier. Advice: Don’t deny what your body tells you it needs. If you are not sure, you might try muscle-testing before you chose a food to see if it’s what your body wants. Also try blessing the food as described in #5.

Food intolerances, allergies you never had before.
As you grow more spiritual, you are more sensitive to everything around you. Your body will tell you what it can no longer tolerate, as if it, too, is sloughing off what doesn’t serve it anymore. You might be cleansing yourself of toxins. Some people find they often have a white residue in their mouth, much like that of runners at the end of a race. Advice: An acupuncturist told me that this film can be removed by sloshing 2 tablespoons of cold-pressed olive oil in your mouth for 10-15 minutes (don’t swallow, whatever you do), then spitting it out into the toilet — not the sink, for you just removed toxins from your body and don’t want them in the sink. Brush your teeth and do the same. Then clean your brush. (Sorry this is yukky, but it works.)

Amplification of the senses.
Increased sensitivity.
8a. Sight: Blurry vision, shimmering objects, seeing glittery particles, auras around people, plants, animals, and objects. Some report seeing formerly opaque objects as transparent. When you close your eyes, you no longer see darkness, but redness. You may also see geometric shapes or brilliant colors and pictures when eyes are closed. Colors appear more vivid — the sky might look teal or the grass an amazing green. Often I see grids running across the ground. As you become more sensitive, you may see shapes or outlines in the air, especially when the room is almost dark. When your eyes are open or closed, you may see white shapes in your peripheral vision (these are your guides). Advice: Your vision is changing in many ways — you are experiencing new ways of seeing. Be patient. Whatever you do, do not be afraid. Hazy vision maybe relieved by yawning.
8b. Hearing: Increased or decreased hearing. I once thought I would have to pull off the road because of the painfully amplified sound of my tires on the freeway. Other symptoms are hearing white noise in the head, beeps, tones, music or electronic patterns. Some hear water rushing, bees buzzing, whooshing, roaring or ringing. Others have what is called audio dyslexia– you can’t always make out what people are saying, as if you can no longer translate your own language. Some hear strange voices in their dreams, as if someone is hovering near them. You can either ask the presence(s) to leave or ask Archangel Michael to take care of the situation. Again, there is nothing to fear. Advice: Surrender to it. Let it come through. Listen. Your ears are adjusting to new frequencies.
8c. Enhanced senses of smell, touch, and/or taste. I notice I can now smell and taste chemical additives in some foods in a rather unpleasant manner. Other food may taste absolutely wonderful. For some people, these enhancements are both delightful and distracting. You might even smell the fragrance of flowers now and then. Many of the mystics did. Enjoy it.

Skin eruptions:
Rashes, bumps, acne, hives, and shingles. Anger produces outbreaks around the mouth and chin. I had a dermatitis on my extremities for several months that accompanied healing an episode from my past. When I had worked through most of the issue, the condition was released. Advice: You may be sloughing off toxins and bringing emotions to the surface. When there is an issue to be released and you are trying to repress it, your skin will express the issue for you until you process the emotions. Work through your “stuff”.

Episodes of intense energy which make you want to leap out of bed and into action.
Followed by periods of lethargy and fatigue. The fatigue usually follows great shifts. This is a time of integration, so give into it. Advice: Roll with the nature of the energy. Don’t fight it. Be gentle with yourself. Take naps if you are tired. Write your novel if you are too energized to sleep. Take advantage of the type of energy.

Changes in prayer or meditation.
Not feeling the same sensations as before. Not having the same experience of being in contact with Spirit. Difficulty in focusing. Advice: You may be in more instant and constant communion with Spirit now and the sensation may therefore be altered. You will adapt to this new feeling. You are actually thinking and acting in partnership with Spirit most of the time now. You may find your meditation periods shorter.

Power surges:
All of a sudden you are heated from head to toe. It is a momentary sensation, but uncomfortable. In contrast, some people have felt inexplicably cold. I have experienced both. More recently I experience waves or currents of energy rolling through me. Sometimes the energy seems so intense when it first comes into my body that I feel a little nauseated. But if I think of the energy as divine and let go of fear, I feel wonderful and enjoy the sensation. If you are an energy worker, you may have noticed that the heat running through your hands has increased tremendously. This is good. Advice: If you are uncomfortable, ask your Higher Power, that if it be for your best and highest good, to turn down/up the temperature a bit.

A range of physical manifestations:
Headaches, backaches, neck pains, flu-like symptoms (this is called vibrational flu), digestive problems, muscular spasms or cramps, racing heartbeat, chest pains, changes in sexual desire, numbness or pain in the limbs, and involuntary vocalizations or bodily movements. Some of us have even had old conditions from childhood reappear briefly for healing. Advice: Remember what I said about seeking medical help if you need it! If you have determined that this is not a medical condition, relax in the realization that it is only temporary.

Looking younger.
Yippee! As you clear emotional issues and release limiting beliefs and heavy baggage from the past, you are actually lighter. Your frequency is higher. You love yourself and life more. You begin to resemble the perfect you that you really are.

Vivid dreams.
Sometimes the dreams are so real that you wake up confused. You may even have lucid dreams in which you are in control. Many dreams may be mystical or carry messages for you. And in some dreams, you just know that you are not “dreaming” — that what is happening is somehow real. Advice: You will remember what is important for you to remember. Don’t force anything. Above all, stay out of fear.

Events that completely alter your life:
death, divorce, change in job status, loss of home, illness, and/or other catastrophes — sometimes several at once! Forces that cause you to slow down, simplify, change, re-examine who you are and what your life means to you. Forces that you cannot ignore. Forces that cause you release your attachments. Forces that awaken your sense of love and compassion for all.

A desire to break free from restrictive patterns, life-draining jobs consumptive lifestyles, and toxic people or situations.
You feel a compelling need to “find yourself” and your life purpose — now! You want to be creative and free to be who you really are. You might find yourself drawn to the arts and nature. You want to unclutter yourself from things and people that no longer serve you. Advice: Do it!

Emotional and mental confusion:
A feeling that you need to get your life straightened out–it feels like a mess. But at the same time you feel chaotic and unable to focus. See #45. Advice: Put your ear to your heart and your own discernment will follow.

Introspection, solitude and loss of interest in more extroverted activities:
This stage has come as a surprise to many extraverts who formerly saw themselves as outgoing and involved. They say, “I don’t know why, but I don’t like to go out as much as before.”

Creativity bursts:
Receiving images, ideas, music, and other creative inspirations at an often overwhelming rate. Advice: At least record these inspirations, for Spirit is speaking to you about how you might fulfill your purpose and contribute to the healing of the planet.

A perception that time is accelerating.
It seems that way because you have had so many changes introduced into your life at an unprecedented rate. The number of
changes seems to be growing. Advice: Breaking your day up into appointments and time segments increases the sense of acceleration .You can slow time down by relaxing into the present moment and paying attention to what’s at hand, not anticipating what’s ahead. Slow down and tell yourself that you have plenty of time. Ask your Higher Power to help you. Keep your focus on the present. Try to flow from one activity to the next. Stay tuned to your inner guidance. You can also warp time by asking for it. Next time you feel rushed, say, “Time warp, please. I need some more time to —–.” Then relax.

A sense of impendingness.
There is a feeling that something is about to happen. This can create anxiety. Advice: There is nothing to worry about. Things are definitely happening, but anxiety only creates more problems for you. All your thoughts — positive or negative– are prayers. There is nothing to fear.

You know better, but sometimes you can’t help it. You want to get on with what seems to be coming your way. Uncertainty is not comfortable. Advice: Learn to live with the uncertainty, knowing that nothing comes to you until you are ready. Impatience is really a lack of trust, especially trust in your Higher Power. When you focus on the present, you will experience miracles — yes, even in traffic.

A deep yearning for meaning, purpose, spiritual connection, and revelation.
Perhaps an interest in the spiritual for the first time in your life. “Constant craving”, as k.d. lang says. The material world cannot fulfill this longing. Advice: Follow your heart and the way will open up for you.

A feeling that you are somehow different.
A disquieting sense that everything in your life feels new and altered, that you have left your old self behind. You have. You are much greater than you can possibly imagine. There is more to come.

“Teachers” appear everywhere with perfect timing to help you on your spiritual journey:
people, books, movies, events, Mother Nature, etc. Teachers may appear to be negative or positive when you are trapped in polarity thinking, but, from a transcendent perspective, they are always perfect. Just what you need to learn from and move on. By the way, we never get more than we are ready to master. Each challenge presents us with an opportunity to show our mastery in passing through it.

You find a spiritual track that makes sense to you and “speaks to you” at the most profound levels.
Suddenly you are gaining a perspective that you would never have considered before. You hunger to know more. You read, share with others, ask questions, and go inside to discover more about who you are and why you are here.

You are moving through learning and personal issues at a rapid pace.
You sense that you are “getting it” quite readily. Advice: Keep remembering that things will come to you when they are ready to be healed. Not sooner. Deal with whatever comes up with courage and you will move through the issues rapidly.

Invisible presences.
Here is the woo-woo stuff. Some people report feeling surrounded by beings at night or having the sensation of being touched or talked to. Often they will wake with a start. Some also feel their body orbed vibrate. The vibrations are caused by energetic changes after emotional clearing has taken place. Advice: This is a sensitive topic, but you may feel better blessing your bed and space around it before you sleep. I rest assured that I am surrounded only by the most magnificent spiritual entities and am always safe in God’s care. Sometimes, however, the fear gets to me, and I call in Archangel Michael and/or Archangel Uriel. I don’t beat myself up for being afraid sometimes. I forgive myself for not always sovereign at 3:00 a.m.
Portents, visions, “illusions”, numbers, and symbols: Seeing things that have spiritual importance for you. Noticing how numbers appear synchronistically in your awareness. Everything has a message if you take the time to look. I enjoy the experience of “getting the messages.” What fun!

Increased integrity:
You realize that it is time for you to seek and speak your truth. It suddenly seems important for you to become more authentic, more yourself. You may have to say “no” to people whom you have tried to please in the past. You may find it intolerable to stay in a marriage or job or place that doesn’t support who you are. You may also find there is nowhere to hide, no secrets to keep anymore. Honesty becomes important in all your relationships. Advice: Listen to your heart. If your guidance tells you not to do something, speak up and take action. Say “no”. Likewise, you must also say “yes” to that which compels you. You must risk displeasing others without guilt in order to attain spiritual sovereignty.

Harmony with seasons and cycles:
You are becoming more tuned to the seasons, the phases of the moon and natural cycles. More awareness of your place in the natural world. A stronger connection to the earth.
Electrical and mechanical malfunctions:
When you are around, lightbulbs flicker, the computer locks up, or the radio goes haywire. Advice: Call on your angels, guides, or Grace Elohim to fix it or put up a field of protection of light around the machine. Surround your car with bluelight. Laugh.

Increased synchronicity and many small miracles.
Look for more of these. Advice: Synchronistic events tell you if you are heading in the right direction or making the correct choices. Honor these clues and you cannot go astray. Spirit uses synchronicity to communicate to you. That’s when you begin to experience daily miracles. See #30.

Increased intuitive abilities and altered states of consciousness:
Thinking of someone and immediately hearing from them. More synchronicities. Having sudden insights about patterns or events from the past. Clairvoyance, out-of-body experiences, and other psychic phenomena. Intensified sensitivity and knowing. Awareness of one’s essence and that of others. Channeling angelic and Christ-consciousness energies.

Communication with Spirit.
Contact with angels, spirit guides, and other divine entities. Channeling. More and more people seem to be given this opportunity. Feeling inspiration and downloading information that takes form as writing, painting, ideas, communications, dance, etc.

A sense of Oneness with all.
A direct experience of this Wholeness. Transcendent awareness. Being flooded with compassion and love for all life. Compassionate detachment or unconditional love for all is what lifts us up to higher levels of consciousness and joy.

Moments of joy and bliss.
A deep abiding sense of peace and knowing that you are never alone.

You become emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually stronger and clearer. You feel as if you are in alignment with your Higher Self.

Living your purpose:
You know you are finally doing what you came to earth for. New skills and gifts are emerging, especially healing ones. Your life/work experiences are now converging and starting to make sense. You are finally going to use them all. Advice: Listen to your heart. Your passion leads you to where you must go. Go within and ask your Higher Power, “What is it you would have me do?” Watch for synchronicities. Listen.

Feeling closer to animals and plants.
To some people, animals now seem to be more “human” in their behavior. Wild animals are less afraid. Plants respond to your love and attention more than ever. Some may even have messages for you.

Seeing beings of other dimensions.
The veil between dimensions is thinner, so it is not surprising. Just stay in your sovereignty. You are more powerful than you can ever imagine, so do not entertain fear. Ask your guides for help if you slip into fear.

Seeing a person’s true form or seeing loved ones with a different face — past life or parallel life.

Physically manifesting thoughts and desires more quickly and efficiently.
Advice: Monitor your thoughts. All thoughts are prayers. Be careful what you ask for.

Left -brain fogginess.
Your psychic abilities, your intuitive knowing, your feeling and compassion, your ability to experience your body, your visioning, your expressiveness all emanate from the right brain. In order for this side of the brain to develop more fully, the left brain must shut down a little bit. Normally the left-hemisphere’s capacity for order, organization, structure, linear sequencing, analysis, evaluation, precision, focus, problem-solving, and mathematics dominate our often less-valued right brain. What results are memory lapses, placing words in the wrong sequence, inability or no desire to read for very long, inability to focus; forgetting what you are just about to say; impatience with linear forms of communication (audio or written formats); a feeling of spaciness, being scattered; losing interesting research or complex information; feeling bombarded with words and talk and information; and a reluctance to write. Sometimes you feel dull and have no interest in analysis, lively intellectual discussion, or investigation. On the other hand, you might find yourself drawn to the sensate: videos, magazines with photos, beautiful artwork, movies, music, sculpting, painting, being with people, dancing, gardening, walking, and other kinesthetic forms of expression. You may search for spiritual content, even science fiction. Advice: You may discover that if you allow your heart and your right brain to lead you, the left will then be activated appropriately to support you. And someday we will be well-balanced, using both hemispheres with mastery.

This occurs when you are ungrounded. Perhaps you have just cleared a big emotional issue and your body is adjusting to your “lighter” state. Advice: Ground yourself by eating protein. Sometimes “comfort food” feels right. Don’t make any food right or wrong for you. Use your guidance to know what you need at any given moment. Take your shoes off and put your feet in the grass for a couple of minutes.

Falling, having accidents, breaking bones.
Your body is not grounded or perhaps your life is out of balance. Or your body may be telling you to slow down, examine certain aspects of your life, or heal certain issues. There is always a message. When I recently broke my ankle, I understand that my ankle was taking on what I myself refused to deal with. And that was all of the above. Advice: Stay grounded by taking your shoes off and putting your feet in the grass; even better, lie down on the grass without a blanket under you. Feel the earth beneath you. Get out in nature. Slow down and pay attention. Be mindful about what you are doing. Feel your feelings when they come up. Stay in the present. Surround yourself with blue light when you are feeling shaky.

Heart palpitations.
A racing heart usually accompanies a heart opening. It only lasts for a few moments and means that the heart is re-balancing itself after an emotional release. I had one episode that terrified me: I woke up in the middle of the night, my heart pounding. I thought it was going to come right out of my chest. It only happened once and was, I understand, a huge heart-chakra opening. But I did check it out. There is nothing wrong with my heart. Advice: Remember what I said about getting medical attention when needed. Consult your doctor about any conditions you are not comfortable with.

Faster hair and nail growth.
More protein is being used in the body. Too bad we can’t tell the body where to grow the hair and where not to grow it. (Or can we? Hmmm.)

A desire to find your soulmate or twin flame.
More than ever before, the idea that we can have a relationship that matches who we are seems more desirable. Advice: The truth is, we have to be the kind of person we want to attract. We have to love ourselves and where we are right now before we can attract a more “perfect” mate. The work begins at home. Here is how I think it works: Hold the desire for this person in your heart, but without attachment. Expect that someday you will meet someone who is more suited to you, but let go of any expectations as to who this will be and how it will happen. Focus instead on cleaning up your own life and being the kind of person you want to be. Be happy now. Enjoy your life. Then you may see…..

Memories surface.
Body memories, suppressed memories, images of past lives and/or parallel lives. We are healing and integrating all our “selves”, so expect to have some of these experiences. Advice. Keep in mind that it is best to recall what only what comes to mind, leave the rest alone, don’t analyze everything to death (because you will be stuck in the tape loop of infinite issues to process), and feel your feelings as they come up. Ask for help from your guides.

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The Metaphysics of Specific Disease Conditions

The Metaphysics of Specific Disease Conditions

A. The Skeletal System

B. The Respiratory Tract

C. Cardiovascular disease

D. Gastrointestinal System

E. Cancer

F. Skin conditions

G: Female reproductive system

H. General

A. The Skeletal System

ANKLES: Important for grounding, stability & mobility. Support our entire weight. Is your support system letting you down? Unable to stand alone. When our beliefs are being questioned, there is nothing to hold us upright.

SPRAINED ANKLE: Lack of flexibility for the direction we are going in. Can’t put your foot down about some issue, won’t take a stand for your truth. Unwilling to step forward.

SWOLLEN ANKLES: Holding of emotional energy, frustration or resistance to letting go. Weight of emotional burden too great.

HEEL SPUR: Holding on tight to reality, a stubborness indicating a fear of change.

COLD FEET: Emotional uncertainty, withdrawal or resistance to what lies ahead.

LEG INJURY: Not having a leg to stand on.

KNEE WON’T FLEX: Not willing to give in to authority.

KNEE WON’T EXTEND: Giving in, unable to stand up to authority.

HIP: Fear of moving forward.

LOW BACK INJURY: Most dominant value or issue of one’s life is being threatened, for example, family, relationships or finances.

SCOLIOSIS: Mother & father issues, trying to please both parents, mainly involves the daughter.

SHOULDERS: Carrying other people’s problems for too long. Burden of taking everything on for others. Unable to reach out.

FROZEN SHOULDER: Where are we giving or receiving coldness?

ELBOWS: Are we opening our arms to embrace the world? Fear of opening to the
future & not embracing that which is ahead of you. Elbowing someone out of the way or elbowed out of the way.

HANDS: Giving & receiving. Can’t hold on or can’t release. We want to reach out & touch, but fear of insecurity is holding us back.

SWEATY HANDS: Nervous, anxious, scared about what you are doing.

COLD HANDS: Withdrawing feelings from an activity or feeling fearful of being involved.

PINS AND NEEDLES OR NUMBNESS: Person doesn’t want to feel.

FINGER INJURY: Pointing the finger.

NECK INJURY: Futility, not knowing which way to turn. refusal to see other person’s point of view because of fear. Stiff, inflexible thinking.

HEADACHES: Self criticism. Fear. Invalidating the self. Dislike of being driven. Resisting the flow of life. Sexual fears. Conflict inside yourself about how you will do & what you will say or what you will accomplish. One part of you is looking forward to an event & other part is fearing the event.

MIGRAINE: Not listening to the message of your soul, conflict with the inner voice, resistance to listening to inner voice.

JAW PROBLEMS: Generalised stress, wanting to express & holding back. Can’t swallow.

RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: Overly self-critical or judgmental attitude & low self esteem. Not living up to parent’s expectations.

RHEUMATOID HANDS: Not able to give because hands can’t open, desire to hit out at something.

JUVENILE RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS: Fear of the loss of a parent, or support of a parent. Fear of being alone.

ARTHRITIS: Criticism, wearing away, stiffness, deep resistance or fear of movement. Overly critical attitude & resentment towards what one is doing or what is being done to them, which results in wearing away joy & gratitude. Resistant & hardening of one’s attitude towards life or expression of feeling. Not expressing our deeper feelings. Anger, irritation or frustration with ourselves or someone else. Inflexible thinking. Rigid joints become useless because they have lost their purpose, which is movement.

INFLAMATION: Resistance to what is happening, a build up of angry emotions. Irritating issue that is restricting your expression. Feel hot & fired up inside. Critical & inflexible.

INFECTIONS: Boils. Anger.

CHRONIC PAIN: Long term fear & guilt.

BONE FRACTURE: Inflexibility, resistance to going with the flow. We break when there is resistance to movement. Feeling fractured & split into pieces. Deep split or conflict at the very core/centre of our being. Divided loyalties.

BRITTLE BONE DISEASE: Entire core & foundation of one’s existence is threatened. Top value system is threatened. Whole reason for being here is threatened.

SCLEROSIS: Anger, not living up to expectations.

OSTEOPOROSIS: Thinning of life force flowing through the bones due to a sense of giving up.

SCAR TISSUE: For example, calcification, degenerative joint disease.
Unwilling to let go of the lopsided perception. Stuck consciousness. Locked in attitudes. Anger, hardness.

ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS: Calcification, rigidity, scar tissue. Value systems are rigid.

PAGETS DISEASE (THICKENING OF BONE): Hardening of consciousness. Priority or core value burdening the person or putting stress on the person’s body. Trying to live up to parent’s authority. Outer soft persona (soft spoken, calm, gentle) holding in their repressed anger – deep hard persona.

MOTOR NEURONE DISEASE: Unable to express anger.

MULTIPLE SCEROSIS: MS restricts and limits movement indicating that the expression of feeling is being suppressed. Moving in a direction one doesn’t want to go. Unable to deal with change. Feeling of lost opportunity. Losing a sense of self and purpose and direction.


B. The Respiratory Tract

LUNG: Frustration, grief, not being able to do things your way.

ASTHMA: Inabiltiy to inhale, have inspiration for life. Inability to breathe for one’s self. Feeling stifled. Suppressed crying. Can’t breathe – can’t enjoy life because not satisfied with yourself, and doing things that are not in your best interest. Frustration of not finding a way of pleasing the parents. Doing things the way others want you to.

SINUS: Irritation at one person. Feeling scattered and overwhelmed. Frightened about the future. Low self worth and low self esteem. Unable to break free of old patterns. Don’t know which way to go to solve the issue. Repressed grief and unshed tears. Need to release blockage to become unstuck.

PHENUMONIA (INFLAMMATION OF THE LUNGS): An issue inflaming your feeling about breathing – taking in of life. Feeling exhausted or overwhelmed by burden of having to cope. Longing to stop and take time out. Needing help but unable to ask for it. Has someone knocked the wind out of you?

EMPHYSEMA: Not doing things your way. Not being yourself. Can’t exhale, so can’t get enough life.

ALLERGIES: Rejection of people, places, events and objects. Who or what is annoying or aggravating you? Allergic to yourself and aggravated with what you’re doing or not doing to yourself or for yourself.

COUGH: Wanting to get rid of the emotions of not being your own master.

COMMON COLD: Virus attacks you because of negative attitudes. Leaving yourself out and not being in control of yourself. Crying or grieving that is being repressed. Unshed tears. This can follow the death of a loved one or an emotional shock. Have you gone emotionlly. A common cold is called common because it is common not to express how we feel.

INFLUENZA: (means to come under the influence of): Not wanting to do what someone else has told you to do & feeling guilty. Someone or something is having a strong influence on you, therefore, creating doubt & undermining sense of identity or purpose. Allows time to build your inner strength.

BRONCHITIS (Bronchii bring air to the lungs & take used air back again, therefore, communicate between the inside & outside the world): Needing to get something off your chest. Needing to release & let go. Feeling smothered by someone. Coughing & bringing up mucus rather than sharing your feelings. Something irritating you that you need to externalise. Thinking that you’re not doing things your way.

NOSE BLEEDS: Damage to a blood vessel because not satisfied with yourself, therefore, pushing yourself too hard to show that you can do things just as well as others.


C. Cardiovascular disease
No love or joy in one’s life. Extreme feeling of loss. Not expressing love & joy with other people.
VASCULAR PROBLEMS: Relates to circulation, which is giving & receiving joy. Hopelessness, futility, confusion, cannot fulfil purpose.

STROKE: As for Vascular problems.

ANGINA: Perception of a loss or something missed.

HEART ATTACK: Giving & receiving joy is blocked. Not living for yourself & blocking yourself from living your purpose.

VARICOSE VEINS: Unwillingness to receive joy. The more distal. the more prolonged the block to receive.

ANEURISM: Splitting the 2 sides of an artery. Division of male & female energies. Block between male & female sides of one’s parents, one’s self or one’s children. Anger with mother or father.

INTERNAL BLEEDING: Hiding of internal sorrow.

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE ( Blood = life energy within a body, movement/circulation of love & vitality through the body): Increased pressure. Anger. Stress. Feelings not being expressed, creating a build-up of inner pressure.

LOW BLOOD PRESSURE: Resistance to entering into life fully & fearlessely. Inner weakness & desire to pull back, unable to stand without feeling dizzy or overwhelmed.

ANAEMIA: Decreased number of red blood cells, issues with the masculine side. (Red blood cells have an aggressive function because they transport oxygen for the body to function).

HAEMOPHILIA: Not loving yourself for the things you believe you have done.

LYMPHODEMA (Blocked Lymphatic System): Similar to venous system, white blood cell problem. Swelling of lymph glands. Perception that not receiving joy or love from the mother.


D. Gastrointestinal System

BLOATING/FLUID RETENTION: Accumulation of your emotions in the small intestine.

ULCERS: Eating at you, trouble doing something to resolve an issue. Inability to assimilate the new.

GALL STONES (Gall Bladder Stores & Concentrates Bile): Bitterness, hard thoughts, condemning, pride, resentment. Unwilling to let go of the perception of being locked in. Trying to please others but feeling bitter about it.

LIVER- HEPATITIS, CIRRHOSIS, CANCER ( the liver detoxifies): Anger & primitive emotions. Chronic complaining. Justifying fault finding to deceive yourself. Not learning about why you allow others to hurt your feelings.

STOMACH (Function of digestion, absorption, churns & breaks down food. Part of the defence mechanism of body during digestion with gall bladder, pancreas & small intestine): Can’t take in new ideas, can’t stomach it, can’t digest it. Churning it over in your mind. Prolonged uncertainty. Feeling of doom, inflexibility, resistance, over sympathetic. Fear of new, can’t break it down.

PANCREAS (Neutralises acid chyme from the stomach as it enters the small intestine & secretes insulin & glucagon in carbohydrate metabolism):
• HYPERGYCAEMIA/DIABETES: Unwilling to listen to anyone, not willing to be directed. Stuck in self-righteousness. Bitterness, especially towards father. Anger & frustration because life seems to have lost its sweetness.
• HYPOGLYCEMIA: Listening to everyone’s opinion, will do whatever the person is told by others. Stuck in self-wrongness persona. Low self worth, wanting to be directed. Infatuation with mother. Anal retentive.
• CYSTIC FIBROSIS: Constant destruction of pancreatic system. Sweetness/bitterness issue. Trying to please everyone but didn’t get attention. Trying to get attention through anger, resentment & didn’t get attention, therefore, bitterness. Trying to please everybody but holding all their bitterness inside. Futility in trying to get attention from the parents.

SMALL INTESTINES (Assimilation and absorption of nutrients):
IRRITABLE BOWEL: Refusal to take charge. Not assimilating and completely scattered. Victim mentality. Trying to please everyone.

COLON (Collects, stores & moves waste products of digestion):
CROHNS DISEASE/COLITIS (Abdominal pain, diarrhoea, constipation, bleeding, ulceration): Inflexible opinion, fear of letting go of things from the past. Holding onto old beliefs and ideas that they feel fear and guilt about. Insecurity, fear and nervousness when confronting the unknown, strong belief that you are not good enough. What is twisting and distorting you?

DIVERTICULITIS: Holding onto issues with the mother. Supressing one’s own activity. Fear and guilt about being unsociable and not outflowing one’s own emotions.

Wanting to pass on knowledge but believing it will not be accepted. Bleeding due to anger. Holding onto anger backs up to liver. Trying to push or force some issue in one’s life.

DIARRHOEA: Letting go of your ideas, goals, issues when you believe you can’t have what you want. Feeling that you have been emotionally hit in the guts. The feeling that you are being poisoned by an issue or another person. Something you want to get rid of because there is too much to deal with. Not
knowing how to assimilate your feelings, feeling helpless inside. Lack of absorption.

CONSTIPATION: Suppression of one’s ideas, opinions and holding on and not expressing it. Fear of the future, fear of the unknown, uncertainty about what lies ahead.

HERNIA: Wakening or collapse because because one tries to cope with too much at once and strains under the weight. Person strains to do everything right and therefore, pushes too far. Inner longing to release what is being restrained.

APPENDICITIS (Appendix aids the immune system and is a filter connected to the intestinal tract): Breakdown of the ability to filter incoming reality and to protect ourselves from that reality.


E. Cancer

CANCER: Deep hurt, long standing resentment eats away at the body. Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatred, futility. Last ditch effort to get person to love.

BREAST CANCER: Not appreciating one’s nurturing side. Never wanting to nurture or not having the opportunity to nurture.

BRAIN TUMOURS: Deep core value system screwed up. Spiritual belief undermined, their connection to God has been cut off. They have lost the belief that there is someone watching over them.

TESTICULAR CANCER: (TESTICLES STORE CREATIVE FORCES) Repression or expression of creative forces in one persona. Extreme elation or depression about creativity particularly sexual creativity. Extreme fear or guilt about sexual expression or suppression.

LEUKAEMIA: Disconnected with the feminine side. Issues with the female. Anger & resentment with the female. Self righteous feminine persona. Increased number of white blood cells (part of the protective, defence, immune system).


F. Skin conditions

SHINGLES: High overwhelming stress, something you don’t want to face that is totally humiliating you. Feeling guilty about what you don’t want to face, you fear you will be found out about. Issue of unworthiness brought on by stress which depletes the immune system. A deep anxiety or inner pain that has been building up over a period of time.

PSORIASIS: Unwillingness to face something. Believing you are not worthy of loving or living. Wanting to please a parent, no matter what the child does, can’t get appreciation from parents. Feeling of deep shame or guilt about an issue, so covering up the skin as a mask.

ACNE: Not wanting to face up to new things, so living in the past. An eruption of all the conflicting & tormented feelings locked inside. The eruptions represent the longing for release to accept yourself & find your inner beauty.

ECZEMA/DERMATITITIS: Feeling unworthy or inadequate. Trying to keep the world at a distance. Someone or something getting under your skin, or feeling overexposed. Extreme sensitivity to circumstances & emotions around you. Isolating & locking yourself inside because of fear in coming out.

VITILIGO: Skin pigmentation. Thinking yourself as ugly & not wanting to face looking at yourself. A dominant self-deprecating persona.


G: female reproductive system

UTERUS (Home of creativity, symbol of womanhood & femininity): Anger at the self. Hatred of the body & of the feminine side. Self righteous & dogmatic thinking, critical of others. How you feel about being a woman, or about having or not having children. Do you live up to the image your mother instilled in you? Do you find femininity over burdening & hard to deal with?

FIBROSIS (Benign tumours found in the uterus): A soft tissue lump indicates thoughts & attitudes that have been suppressed for so long that they have taken a solid form. Issues relating to femininity, sexuality, motherhood. Unexpressed guilt, shame or history of abuse. Unwilling to let go of sexual inhibitions. Since the uterus is where a woman nurtures new life, there may be conflicts about nurturing, for example, giving to others while feeling unnourished yourself. A desire to keep everything the same by blocking your creative forces.

PREMENSTRUAL TENSION: Resentment towards having a menstrual cycle when having to work or resentment towards work. Struggling to prove yourself as a woman, would rather be a man. Resenting monthly reminder of being feminine. Finding it hard to flow with nature, preferring to be in control & dominate instead of submitting. Guilt, shame, lack of love for the self. Would rather not have a menstrual cycle or would rather not be working.

MENSTRUAL PROBLEMS (painful menstruation, irregular cycles, cramps, increased & heavy menstrual flow, amenorrhoea, continual menstruation): Desire to get pregnant or a fear of parenthood. An inability to surrender to the body’s natural rhythms & flow, therefore, creating a blockage behind which your feelings gather. Confusion about your role as a woman. or resentment towards men. Competing against others for another person’s love. Not loving yourself, & not realising that all the love you need is inside you. Rejection of one’s feminine side.

ENDOMETRIOSIS/OVARIAN CYSTS (create menstrual problems & hinder pregnancy): Deep conflict of being fulfilled as a woman or expressing your femininity, or wanting to be a mother or not. Resenting the children you already have. Your femininity has been repressed or abused. You perceive that your partner is rejecting you. Repressing your sexuality. Inner conflict with creating and finding your own path.

THRUSH (Yeast-like organism which infects warm damp areas): The yeast is kept in check by the acid/alkaline balance in the vagina, but if balance is upset due to emotional causes or because of antibiotics killing the natural flora, the the yeast flourishes causing a white, foul smelling discharge.
The discharge indicates discharging unacceptable feelings. An infection implies that something is irritating you and making you angry, such as having to be intimate, or being intimate with the wrong person. Feeling sexually abused or exploited. Feelings of guilt, shame or repressed sexual feelings.

INFERTILITY: A woman’s unwillingness to be like her mother. Unwillingness to go through what her mother went through. Shutting down of feminine side. Unresolved childhood abuse creating an unconscious fear of having a child. Fear the responsibility, or feeling inadequate, unable to cope, especially financially.
Believing that having a child is the only way life will have any meaning for you.

MENOPAUSE: Fearing the purpose of your existence since your role as a mother has
diminished. Fear of the ageing process and of inevitable change taking place, and that you are no longer in control of your body. Menopause is a stopping of blood flow and may mean you have stopped loving yourself, as if your feelings are drying up inside.Hot flushes may indicate the fire of anger or fear, and so the body is burning the past releasing all the old ways.


H. General

ADRENAL GLANDS (Body’s ability to deal with stress): Defeatism, victim mentality, no longer caring for self. Anxiety paranoia, can’t figure it out.

ADDISONS DISEASE: Needing to maintain control over everything.

KIDNEY (Fluid balance, filtration of blood, excretory function):

KIDNEY STONES: Condensed thought patterns and emotions that have not been shed, solidifying. Holding onto insecurity or sadness and unresolved grievances.

THYROID (produce hormones for growth & cell regeneration & repair, regulates metabolism, blood calcium levels & oxygen consumption, important for nerve growth):

GOITRE (Swelling of thyroid gland): Feeling that you are being choked by too many responsibilities & overwhelmed by life.

HYPERTHYROID (Increase in thyroid activity causing weight loss, irritability, nervousness, perspiration & weakness): Fear of responsibility, selfish & self centred attitude. Expressing something you wish you hadn’t. Talking too much, gossiping, rage of being left out.

HYPOTHRYROID (Slowing down of thyroid activity resulting in depression, tiredness, weight increase, low body temperature): Losing the will to live. Feeling hopelessly stifled. Not expressing something & wishing you could. Unfulfilled expectation of spouse. Insecurity.

GOUT (Increase uric acid in joints & uric acid is removed by urine): Anger and being stuck – since joint is inflamed. If old emotions not released, they begin to crystallise causing rigidity & inflexibility.

BLADDER (Body’s way of releasing emotions that are finished with & no longer needed): Don’t want to let things out, paralysed will, timid, wishy-washy.

CYSTISIS: Burning inside because you can’t get what you want. Holding onto inflamed feelings.

PROSTATE: Sexual pressure or sexual guilt. Holding back sexuality. Inability to accept pleasure. Insecurity. Mental fears weaken the masculing essence. Dogmatic thinking & critical of other. Prostate is involved in reproductive abiltiy & thus reflects concerns of ageing men. A retired male may feel he has lost his purpose as the breadwinner & perceive himself as useless & his power draining away. Can be associated with financial difficulty or fear of having material security reduced. Males that are out of touch with finding love & have difficulty in expressing these inner feelings & are using sex to find love.

TINNITUS: Reminding you to listen to what is being said rather than being distracted. Makes you focus inwards & listen to your own voice. Unwilling to hear something.

CATARACTS: Unwilling to see what lies ahead especially in the elderly. The fear of helplessness, sickness, loneliness. Withdrawing behind the cloudiness creates the illusion that nothing is changing. The person perceives there is no light in their life.

AIDS: Massive fear, major self rejection, self blame, self depreciation. Usually a long term, deep issue with the father. Person doesn’t feel worthy about being alive. Allowing yourself to be controlled by what society thinks about you, thus no inner peace resulting in a weakened immune system.

AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE: The immune system attacks itself. The body fighting against itself, rejection of self. Feeling that your life isn’t valuable. Carrying guilt, shame or blame from the past that is destroying your self esteem, self respect & self worth. Having an intense hatred of yourself. Being disappointed in yourself & overly critical of yourself.

LUPUS (Very primitive type of collagen (connective tissue) disase.): Person has self wrongness persona that can’t face things & can’t prioritise or order things. Very scattered consciousness trying to do too many things in order to please too many people.

LEPROSY: Comp;lete annihilation of who they are. Total self depreciation. Feeling unworthy of being around. “I hate myself, I don’t want to look at myself.”

POLIO: (Muscle Wasting): Withdrawal from motor expression, trying to do something that one believes is not possible & having a feeling of futility about ever acccomplishing it. Unwilling to express something or to take action.

PARKINSONS DISEASE: Fear of breaking society’s rules, conditions & myths. Fear of social rejection. Perception of being humiliated in a social environment. In the stress of not getting what you want, you revert back to the reptilian stage of evolution which means a destruction of the Basal Ganglia, resulting in decreased motor control. Self righteous persona hides their self wrongness persona. Fear in not believing in what you do and say. The muscle tremor is a reaction to your guilt in not understanding that you teach what you need to learn.

EPILEPSY: Overwhelming brain noise with thousands of secondary associations of a major lie that is perceived unforgivable. An event considered unlovable that causes guilt & you’re constantly reminded about it daily. Not accepting the way you do things. An internal breakdown triggered by unexpressed pressure that overloads the circuit. You are “seized” by emotion. A conflict between your inner world and the world around you. A separation between reality & your inner perception, or separation between yourself & the divine.

VERTIGO/DIZZINESS: Confusion, spinning around in consciousness. Not knowing where you are going & where to direct your energies. Not able to commit to something, going around in circles.

CHRONIC FATIGUE: Ingratitude for life. Not working on priorities. Not clear on purpose. Scattered mind. Emotionally run down & overwhelmed.

GLANDULAR FEVER: Living in the past and tiredness due to constant outflowing and not taking in new insights or ideas. Not accepting yourself, hence, not using your creativity, intuition. Being inflexible and not knowing your direction. Fear of failure.

FEVER: Not wanting to be told what to do and it makes you boil inside.

MENINGITIS (Meninges protect the brain): Core issue deals with absolute feeling of hoplessness and complete overwhelm. Entire foundation in business or relationships is shaken. Child can be overwhelmed by the parents. Feeling of futility with spouse. No support for one’s purpose.

INSOMNIA: Sleep allows us to regenerate and recuperate. We sleep when we surrender to ego. Fear of what will happen without our awareness. Not trusting ourselves with others. Mind filled with doubts and fears, fear of dying. Ingratitude for the experiences and lessons of the day.

ANOREXIA: Low self worth because of guilt and shame. Longing to be loved and nurtured so person reduces their size so as to reduce the demand for that love. Diminishes a maturing teenager’s sexuality, keeps the body like a child and undeveloped. Desire to escape from the reality of becoming a woman. Not loving yourself, hence self destruction.

BULIMIA: Conflict between wanting to be perfect and love for life, and self hate and guilt. Refusal to allow anything nourishing to touch you on the inside. Not knowing how to obtain spiritual growth and because you overeat you throw up what you don’t need.

OBESITY: Put up physical barriers to let no one in because they don’t want to face what is going on. Protecting yourself from your own illusion. Storing emotions of loneliness.

CELLULITE: Not appreciating one’s own body. Issues about your sexuality. Liver metabolism problems.

FAINTING: Not wanting to face up to what you need to learn. All your plans and goals have become obsolete.

STUTTERING/DYSLEXIA: Inferiority complex and needing self acceptance. Seeking attention. Fear of taking over a fatherly, authority role.

BEDWETTING: Over-dominant parent, child trying to seek attention. Not knowing how to get what you want.

AUTISM/CEREBRAL PALSY: Infatuation by parents of the child being a genius.

ALZEHEIMER’S DISEASE (degeneration of the brain): Losing your sense of purpose especially as this disease affects the elderly. Feeling helpless, powerless, lonely. Fear about financial survival and about what lies ahead. A problem of non use, person is shutting off – “I’m not going to deal with this anymore”, many times because of spouse. Resenting the fact that you don’t know what to do with your life. Not willing to stand up and change your life.

SCHIZOPHRENIA: Person undergoing extremes back and forth, the split hemispheres arguing. Cannot love something in their life. Perceiving that the devil made them do it and thus looking for the saviour. Separation of good and evil, self and other. A major lie that is life threatening to them that they feel extreme fear and guilt about. Extreme exaggeration or minimisation of an event, issue or person.

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Peace Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

Peace Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace;
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
when there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is dispair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.

Grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood, as to understand,
to be loved as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

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Couples Prayer

Couples Prayer

Grant that I and my spouse may have a true and understanding love for each other.
Grant that we may both be filled with faith and trust.

Give us the grace to live with each other in peace and harmony.
May we always bear with one another’s weaknesses and grow from each other’s strengths.

Help us to forgive one another’s failings and grant us patience, kindness, cheerfulness
And the spirit of placing the well-being of one another ahead of self.

May the love that brought us together grow and mature with each passing year.
Bring us both ever closer to You through our love for each other.
Let our love grow to perfection…..Amen