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Donation for Services already received

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Here you can make a donation for a service that you have received in the past, where Benjamin was kind enough to help when you may have gone through some difficult times.

Thank you for returning the exchange

  • Donation

    Donation for Benjamin’s services that you received

  • Donate to help out

    Donate and help Benjamin get around to his clients who are unable to purchase a reading or a healing session.

  • Palliative Care & Terminal ill

    Benjamin also assists those in need, often without charge to those who are Terminally unwell or in need, Donate Now so Benjamin can keep continuing to provide this service.  Benjamin is currently saving for a Healing Vibration & Crystal bed to assist his clients.  These two items total $40,000 +. Any help that you can  give would be a great help for me to assist others.

    Here is a similar version needed.