Help Me Raise Funds for our Foster Care Family Bus

Please help my family purchase a 12 Seater Foster Care bus

We are blessed with 3 children of our own, and are now fortunate to be living in a larger home with extra rooms that would allow us to accommodate 3-4 extra children in need. 

There are currently hundreds of children in our region needing a loving home environment. My wife and I have ready taken on 3 beautiful kids, but we have a draw back of only having a small family car (Honda crv)

We have been saving hard but are still falling short of being able to upgrade to a 12 Seater bus, that would enable us to travel around as a family together.

Please help us extend our home and family to some of these children in need. They will have a loving home regardless, however. a bigger vehicle would make it smoother transition for them to attend appointments and do things as a family.

Thank you for taking the time to read and support our growing family

With Gratitude


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