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What do people have to say about the Osiris.?

Wow,Benjamin..! this is an Amazing way to offer readings, I have had many with you before, but.. this method and the way you complete the reading is great, and to top it all off, you send it by video.  Keep up the Amazing work my friend. Blessings to you

Jackie K
Jackie KNewcastle NSW Australia
Omg.!  awesome reading, spot on and a few surprises. How perfect is this,the board it is great.!  and the video wow!!! It’s a must, u need to promote, perfect way to communicate with people, I’m so impressed
Claudine M
Claudine MSydney NSW Australia

I recently had a video reading with Benjamin using Egyptian Osiris cards. I found his reading absolutely unique to any other reading that i have experienced. He certainly has a special connection with his guides. He was able to read my health, my home life, my relationships, finances, future and spiritual connections. Ben covered all this in 20 minutes for $57, amazing value for a in depth reading. I highly recommend that you book for a video reading with Ben asap

Carol B
Carol BWagga Wagga NSW Australia

Benjamin I was blown away by this reading . I was in a cafe with noise going on around me when I received the reading.. It stopped me and caught my attention within a minute of pressing play . You were very clear and presented the information so well it made it easier for me to retain what I was hearing . This is a great way to receive a reading .. Thank you so much

Julia W
Julia WYamba NSW Australia

Benjamin – WOAH!! The Osiris reading is incredible! Its so unique and so accurate. Your guidance and foresight is immeasurable and combined with the Osiris makes one amazing reading! I will be recommending this to whoever will listen.

Stephanie M
Stephanie MSydney NSW Australia

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What is Osiris all about..?

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Once you have Paid for your reading below, it will be sent to you via Vimeo with a Passcode

Your reading will be sent to you via the email address that was supplied.

It is recommended that you download your reading straight away for future viewing(s)

Your Personal Video Reading will be emailed within 5 days * Your video takes about 2 hours from Go to Wow to produce.

Please Note, after your Payment is made, then the reading will be converted to an order.

When selecting and paying for a reading you agree to Benjamin’s terms here:- http://www.benjaminmcavoy.com/limitations-of-liability/

The Osiris Board Video Reading is Quite Unique and Very rare indeed.!

Your reading will be stored Via Vimeo with a Private Password and Link that will be sent to your private email address, that was supplied during the order process, each video is unique and different to another.

There 6 categories the board will foretell, Home, Business (work) Your Pathway, Love, Future and Past.
Osiris will give you a reading from the present day right through to the next 12 months.

Questions on ordering your Osiris reading will help you receive the answers you are looking for.

Each Reading is estimated between 30 – 45 Minutes,  a completion time of compressing, finalising and sending your Video is about 1.5 – 2 hours in total.

Here are just some of the areas that Osiris will help you with below:-


Refers to the clients business, profession or occupation or the jobs of people closely connected to the client, OSIRIS can reveal problems, help to circumvent pitfalls, and grasp opportunities in the future.


The client’s character is formed by the events which take place on the journey along the path of life. OSIRIS can reveal the secrets of the clients character leading to greater self-confidence and success.


Refers to the client’s love life, or that of a close friend or relative. OSIRIS can foresee emotional problems, offer advice, and warn of broken promises, proposals, reunions and disappointments.


OSIRIS will reveal the future for up to 12 months, warning and advising of dangers an opportunity that lie ahead. The client can be offered advice in emotional, romantic, political and business situations


Refers to the past Situations, Past Issues, possible past life times

Osiris Board Master Reading



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