5 Common Misconceptions About Psychics

When it comes to psychics, people think they know all about them. Funny thing is, being a psychic is often like any other career. It has its ups and downs as well as its misconceptions. Here are 5 common myths about psychics.

1.Psychics Just “Cold Read” 
Many people (mostly skeptics) accuse psychics of being nothing more that “cold readers,” meaning they use tricks and techniques to get clients to reveal bits of information. Then the psychic turns them around, feeding them back to the client as a “psychic reading.”

Psychics are not mind readers. They don’t know your thoughts, but they can and do sense your energy and feelings.
Granted there are some unscrupulous posers that do this, but real psychics don’t. Psychics get their information from beyond the veil, often with the help of spirit guides and tools like the Tarot. In fact, many psychics are surprised themselves as to the details they receive!

2.Psychics Are Psychic 24/7 
People often think that psychics are “on” all the time, but in all honesty, if they were, they’d go crazy. Could you imagine constantly being bombarded with messages, information and visions?
Being psychic is more like tuning into a TV station. You can change channels or even turn it off, but either way the psychic is in control.

3. Psychics Are Mind Readers Here’s another common misconception. People often say, “If you’re psychic, then when’s my birthday?” or some other similar question.Psychics are not mind readers. They don’t know your thoughts, but they can and do sense your energy and feelings. Coupled with their abilities they can pick up on why you’re feeling a certain way.

4. Psychics Can Predict the Future
Being psychic isn’t about predicting the future; rather it’s about seeing possible trends. The future is never set in stone and people have free will, so things can change at any time. The best a psychic can do is tell you about what might cross your path. What happens is up to you.

5.Psychics Can Remove Curses
Psychics who claim that you are cursed are most likely scammers, especially when they tell you they can remove the curse for a fee. Aside from the rare possession by demonic or negative entities, the only way you can be cursed is if you believe you are. And just for the record, psychics can’t put curses on people either. The only one with power over you is you.