My Testimonials & Reviews

Hello Benjamin
I wanted to write something here for you and to let others know about my experience with you and your abilities.
I rang you 2 weeks ago wanting to book in to come and see you in reference to major pain that I was getting in my left knee and hips, for some reason you told me on the telephone when I was making the appointment with you that the pain will be gone within half an hour.! Well, after eight years of terrible pain it was gone within one hour with a very brief conversation that I had with you. It is nothing more than a miracle what happened, as soon as I spoke to you my ear went fuzzy and started ringing, then the pain went. I have no idea how you do this kind of healing, but I do know that many people are missing out not knowing who you are and what you do.
I made a booking and decided to come and see you, and might I say “my goodness” I have never come across someone who cold pick up on so much just by looking into my eyes, every single health problem that I have had and currently have you totally nailed it, not just having these major health problems, but how to repair and fix it.

So far 8 weeks down and still zero pain…

I am ever so greatful to have been recommended to come and see you.
You are a very kind, gifted and extraordinary “non human” person.

Lisa J

Thank you Benjamin for a truly heart and mind opening session. I received wisdom and insights beyond my wildest expectations. Benjamin instantly identified the source of my discomfort and confusion, and provided me with actions (and inactions) to help whether my storms. I walked away from the session feeling empowered and in control of my life again. and I learned how to let go. I highly recommend a session or more with Benjamin if you have any questions about life path, purpose or passions. You will emerge more enlightened than you when you started. Thanks again Benjamin, very much. Zoe

Had a wonderful reading with Benjamin he was spot on with his gift. Help me to understand what was happening in my life and why. Thank you Benjamin I will visit with you again.  P.S My back feels great. Liz
I went to Benjamin for a spiritual reading, he picked up that I had a sore knee which I had for 9 years of with constant pain, medically I was advised to lose weight and possibly a knee replacement.  Benjamin asked “if he could give me treatment on my knee”, which I agreed and thinking to myself this won’t work I’ve heard it all before.!  Within minutes after my treatment I had no pain whatsoever, Benjamin  finished my reading and then walking out I couldn’t believe I had absolutely no pain in my knee,it was nothing short of a miracle, I was so surprised that now I could actually walk without a limp.    I am still having trouble realising that Benjamin has actually cured me when no doctors could. Nine years of excruciating pain and it had taken Benjamin minutes to cure me, I still wake up some mornings wondering if the pain will come back, it’s been a week since my treatment and still zero pain. This is amazing. Thanks Benjamin ,I have a few more health problems and I will be seeking Ben’s help.

I have had multiple readings from Ben and he is always very accurate, knowledgeable and explains everything in a way that is very easy to understand. Ben does not rush his readings and allows plenty of time for you to process what he is saying before moving onto what is next. I would recommend Ben to anyone who will listen, and have done on multiple occasions. Can’t wait to get another reading from Ben very soon!

Nailed it!!! Great reading… wished I asked more questions… gives me lots to think about… well worth it. Thank you.

Benjamin is one of the best readers I have been to in recent years. Before I had even walked in he had notes jotted down which were extremely accurate. The things he told me gave me goosebumps. Look forward to another reading in the future. what an amazing human being. Thank you!!

I came to See Benjamin today as I have been going through so much stress over the past Four years and getting severe migraines. He got rid of the pain in my neck straight away. He was absolutely Amazing..! Brilliant and had So much knowledge and care. I will definitely be coming to see Benjamin on a regular basis. Thank you so much

Hello Ben, I came to you last week for a healing as I had been suffering with a constant and irritating pain in my leg. I’m now ecstatically happy to let you know that after the healing the pain subsided and the following day it completely disappeared. I’m not sure how you did it or what you did, but I am very happy to report that I no longer have any pain due to your healing hands! Thank you again Ben, you are a true wonder and a miracle worker and I would highly recommend you to family and friends, I actually have never come across anyone like you and am still in ore of what you did. Warm regards, Rhona.

Hi Ben, I came to see you back in January 2018 for a reading and I had to write to you today because you predicted that in June 2018 I would finally sell my business and well, today I officially have sold it! I’m so excited and be honest, I wasn’t sure if I was going to but you were adamant it would sell in June and you were right, so I’m laughing right now! Everything else you predicted for me has also come true…I had a relationship break up and am moving back to the Uk later this year, all which you said would happen. I seriously feel like your reading was such an important moment in my life, I came to you when I was very depressed and very lost and I found strength in your words and in your advice and you really have changed my life for the better, I’m actually still in ore of the accuracy and timing and feel so very grateful to have been able to meet with you, it was like the Angels sent me in to see you that day. I just needed to tell you this and let you know what an amazing gift you have, it’s beyond any readings I have ever had in the past and your gift is beyond words, thank you again, sending love and gratitude x

Hi Benjamin, I had the Osiris reading off you in 2017 and I am still in awe of the accuracy of the advice you gave me. I came to you at a time in my life when I was at not just one but many crossroads and had a lot of big decisions to make. You told me the truth, my truth which I needed to hear but in such a gentle and loving way and helped me see the paths I needed to take. Not only has everything you said come true (even the smallest of details which no one could ever know about) but you have helped me get rid of all the emotional baggage I was carrying around. From releasing this I don’t just feel mentally lighter but spiritually I seem so much stronger and have faith and trust that I never new existed. You have literally changed my life for the better , I’m finally getting my glow back! Thank you for your unique gift, thank you for your guidance and support, you truly are a gift from God.

Benjamin is a compassionate and insightful reader. The tone of his voice has a wonderful vibration for conducting readings and there is a healing quality afterwards. Once you book a reading, you know he is your guide for a very long time.

I have had a few readings with Benjamin and they are indescribable. Benjamin has been extremely accurate with every reading he has given me and has helped me immensely with his guidance. But not only is Ben extremely gifted with his readings, he is an amazing healer so when you are receiving a reading, you also seem to receive a healing energy at the same time.
I would highly recommend Benjamin to everyone, you must book, it will blow your mind

I saw Benjamin on my holiday at Yamba. I left feeling amazing and positive. Without even meeting me he told me so many things that was so spot on I would look at my husband in shock. My husband was also involved and couldn’t believe it as well. We are so looking forward to the future and have taken on board things that came up in my reading and have made so many changes in our life for the better already.
Thank you so much Benjamin

Dear Benjamin
I came to see you in January 2014 at Bellingen where you channelled Abraham who gave me much insight into my life and healing work. As feedback I wanted to tell you, that although I resisted for 6 months the prediction that I was going to teach forgiveness meditation, it did manifest and am currently teaching my third group. A lot of these women have chronic illness or are victims of abuse. I wanted to thank you for your assistance and in helping me to ‘listen’ more to my inner voice.
Much Love and Light, Maree.

Hello Ben, I came to see you in Yamba mid April 2015
At the beginning of the reading, I was’nt so sure we would be able to make a connection, but as we both settled in, the reading became very interesting and insightful indeed. You informed me that I was to become a Nanna soon and that my daughter would be the one having the baby. You may recall coming outside to meet her, her boyfriend, friends and my husband. Our daughter is now 20 weeks pregnant, with a little boy on the way. She would have fallen around the days I came to see you! Your name keeps getting mentioned quite a bit!! Also you were able to give me clarity around a toxic work college, that I had significantly underestimated, and have needed to disengage from.    Thank you for being you

Thank you Ben for the wonderful reading yesterday for my birthday, you gave us lots to think about. the aura photos were amazing and we were so happy to have met you. Please thank your guide for all that was said, we now look forward to moving on and help as many people as we can. lots of love and light.

I came to see you a few weeks ago, and I just want to say a Big Thank You. It was so amazing to have a reading with you. My spirits were lifted so high that day and since then I just keep smiling and thinking about what messages came through. Everything that you said was true and correct and I finally have a bit more clarity on other areas in my life. I loved your energy and your smile was so welcoming and I really enjoyed the way some of the messages came through, like the songs for example. They still pop into my head now and again and I know its my granny trying to communicate with me and it makes me smile even more.
You are a very special person Benjamin and your gift is just truly amazing, It was worth every penny flying from New Zealand to see you. Thank you again and much

Benjamin’s reading was like a warm ray of Sunlight on a very dark chapter of my life.
The evidence of his reading was spot on. He delivers very well the message our spirits (family and guides) have to tell us at present time.  His grounded and friendly energy makes the reading very comfortable and a natural experience.  He gives very practical advice and focus on the important aspects of our life’s that truly needs healing, guidance and transformation.   I regularly recommend Benjamin to lot’s people who cross my path because his help was precious to me in many ways and I believe she can help others in the same way and comforting them with the message from spirit.
Peace & God Bless

You are an absolute beauty , if ever there is a singular word invented for “absolutely naturally amazing” then in the dictionary it will quite simply say . “Benjamin” Many blessings and more your way

Ben’s honesty and accuracy in his readings and healings is amazing. I love Ben’s “exchange of energy” motto and the passion that he exudes in his beliefs. I highly recommend Ben to anyone who is looking for a reading, healing or learning. Thank you so much Ben for sharing your amazing gift.

Thank you so much for the reading! Wow! You are very gifted and your accuracy was so spot on, it literally brought tears to my eyes.
You are a truly Gifted person with so much talent to offer.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks for changing my life within one energy healing session. The pain I had for 3 year vanished.! “how do you do that” ? You have such special wisdom and an amazing ability to identify & tap into deeply hidden emotional blocks, and effectively release them with a gentle, loving approach. I’ve never come across such a selfless healer/therapist/coach all rolled into one, and I recommend you to anyone needing direction & healing at any stage in their life.

I met Benjamin by coincidence in Bellingen NSW when I was searching for help with my anorexia and came across his shop. He spent a long time talking to me and assisting me to think and consider life as it was free of charge. I am very grateful for his assistance particularly when it was out of his own kindness.

Benjamin…. I met with you in Bellingen Last week. Not quite sure how to say thank you in the right way, a meaningful way. I have been on my Spiritual path for 43yrs now, been round the world on my own mission to heal and teach. I came across you..! WOW. I will not fill this form in, to boost your ego “as you do not live there” but what I will say is that, your are a true blessing, a Master and a Guru to me, “and now, to many others I have heard” Your work is very valuable and a inspiration to many. Not the question if you are ready for the people, more so, are the people ready for you and your teachings.
I love you my friend.

Dear Benjamin,
After completing the One-on-One Psychic Classes with you, I am writing to express my thanks, and to let you and others know how this work has helped me to grow. I am quite isolated in my interest in spirituality and psychic tools. I rarely discuss this subject or my questions with anybody, because I don’t know people who share this interest. Working with you allowed me to be open and ask any question, no matter how basic. Also, you guided me to test my various abilities and when I reported back to you on how the tests went, our lesson built upon my experiences. I appreciated that you coached me about what information I can trust versus what is not trustworthy. You made the whole subject matter real for me. As a result of working with you, I have a deeper understanding of the psychic world and confidence that I can use certain methods to get information. Your psychic gift, and the honesty with which you share it, is greatly appreciated.

I want to thank you for the information that I have received through the sessions that we have had. It has proven to be insightful and has frequently given me a different perspective of whatever my situation was at the time of the session. Interestingly, in many instances, what you have received from Spirit, when I have asked questions, has actually confirmed what I had already sensed to be the answers. You provide another way of getting information that I can use when I’m trying to figure things out.
I appreciate the work that you do.

I want to thank you so very much for your wonderful Reiki Master class I took with you last weekend. I don’t mean to sound sappy, but it was truly a life changing experience for me. When you attuned me to Master, I actually felt the experience through my entire body. You have a wonderful energy around you and you are truly gifted.  Those two days spent with you in the class will remain with me forever. It was empowering to have everything I learned in both Reiki I and II all come together. It was exhausting as you warned us it would be and my husband said I seemed to be in a little bubble until Tuesday! I felt the Reiki working through me and I was in a very sacred space for several days after the class.    You are a gifted teacher and I enjoyed every minute of the classes.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.

I have never spoken to a more genuine messenger. You gave me insight, guidance, light, love and choices. So often psychics make one prediction for your life and guarantee the outcome. You gave me direction and showed me that life is about free will and choices. Also, in the time we spent together you made me feel like you were with me in my situation and you cared about it as much as I did. You are not only a gifted psychic but a kind and caring person. I have put my faith and trust in the insight you have given me.

Thank you Benjamin

Just a note to say that I feel like you know me like an open book,you have touched me in a way that no one else has and you don’t even know me but only by my readings.
You are the blessing that god sent to me for when I need a friend for all the times when I’m feeling down.I just feel at a lost some times and at times I feel like I have no one but god to turn to he is truly my best and foremost friend,he has been there many a times to pike me up when I’ve fallen,and with him and you by my side watching over me I feel that I’m the most blessed man in the world

Thank you Benjamin for being the most kindest,caring,loving and blessed person that you are. May god bless you always.